Complete Job repair process from Registration to dispatch

Chart to show how the Repair , Replacement work Order is coordinated and used among the different departments to complete maintenance work.

Also to estimate the cost of completed work.

Job Order & Work Order Software

Improve profitability of your service center through synchronizing departments

JobOrderDesk software solution is comprehensive Service and Repair Center software that automates the flow of information from the moment a prospective client calls for a service call until the final invoice is sent.

Job Order & Work Order Software
Job Order & Work Order Software

ATSJobOrderDesk Features

Job Order Registration at Front Desk.

Job Estimate for Repair & Replacement.

Creation of Spare Templates for repair.

Repair pricing templates for Parts & Labour for Job estimation.

Customer, internal approval of chargeable and non chargeable Estimates.

Re-Export and Preliminary exchange process.

Creation of Standby , Replacement & Demo Job orders.

Genaration of S S P Form, Performa Invoice and Re-Export Form.

Non Returnable Delivery Challan and Job Order Invoice.

Returnable Delivery Challan for Demo & Standby.

Engineers Time & Cost tracking.

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Job Order & Work Order Software
ATSJobOrderDesk Job Order & Work Order Software

Job Repair Process

Receiving, Scheduling, Dispatch, Inventory Management and Billing..

  1. Receiving, Registration of Internal , Direct , Distributor Job orders
  2. Repair Price Estimate ( defects and repair pricing of unit and spare parts )
  3. JO Approval ( Customer , Internal )
  4. Repair Exchange and Preliminary Exchange.
  5. Re-Export Form, S S P Form and Status.
  6. Spare part Inventory and Control
  7. Repairing ( in-house or principle company )
  8. Demo and Standby equipment, parts
  9. Dispatch to Customer
  10. Invoicing
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