Mobile Tablet KOT Ordering for Restaurant

Replacement for paper pads used for taking orders.

No more physical paper pads, We are here to provide you a solution on phone for your Restaurant , Bars , Nightclubs. A Smartphone can be easily moved from table to table by captain or server for orders.
Order is taken from the customer using the phone and is sent wirelessly to the kitchen. No need to go to the kitchen to place orders.
This enables better service, and simplifies order taking.

For Table Service Restaurants

For Bars and Night Club

KOT on the move

Your KOT operation in the palm of your hand

Gives your staff the ability to serve your customers quickly. Focus is on how to attract, retain & manage your current customers.

Waiter able to monitor order taken, order delivered and order paid.

Guests are greeted with a friendly smile and with a Phone.

Mobile Tablet KOT Ordering for Restaurant

Because orders come out more quickly, sales are higher and tips often increase.

Faster and Easier than other solution.

Screen Shots

Wireless KOT Ordering software for Restaurant, Bar and Night clubs.

Restaurant POs Software Add ons

Endless Add ons for Every Restaurant

Eight must have POS add ons to make restautant billing operation faster and easier.

SmartPhone and Tablet KOT Ordering Add on

Want Smartphone or Tablet KOT Ordering for your outlet ? You're in the right place !

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