Food Court POS Software

Manage Food Court and Canteens with multiple counters

RF / Smart Card, Magnetic Card Cashless Payments. Cashless Payments make it easy to purchase in the canteen or on our Mobile POS.

Food Court and Canteen Prepaid Card POS Billing Software

Cash transactions are limited only at Recharge Counters.

Customer is relieved from managing cash on each Bill. No Loose Change Problem on sale Counters.

The customer can recharge the card with Cash, Credit Card or PayTM.

Increase speed and eliminate long queues during peak hours.

Card Balance refund, security policy, validity can be customized.

Detailed reports on sale , issue , recharge and refund.

Save not only effort, money but reduce manipulation by some vendors also.

System helps in doing away from coupons and its distribution to employees.

Inventory management gives you the ability to manage raw materials.

Food Court and Canteen Smart Card POS Software

Prepaid Debit Card POS Process

Employee wise monthly utilization summary report for your canteen. Android Mobile POS empowers food carts to offer service through the day with a payment method that is quick.

  1. Step One

    Customers obtain a prepaid rechargeable card at the cash counter or entrance.

  2. Step Two

    Customer hands over the card to the sale counter to place an order.

  3. Step Three

    Server swipes the card and serves the order.

  4. Step Four

    The order amount is instantly deducted from the card balance.

  5. Step Five

    The customer can recharge or refund the card as and when required.

Touch Screen Offline POS Billing. Cloud based or on-premise server.

POS Features

Customer is relieved from managing cash on every bill because of cashless operation. ATS Prepaid Card POS billing counter software helps fast billing to improve customer service.

Touch screen Navigation, Mouse & Keyboard compatible.

Manage any number of counters safely during peak hours.

No Loose Change Problem on sale Counters.

User interface is attractive, easy to learn & functional beyond comparison.

Secured Void bill and re-printing control at sale counters.

Kitchen display System for pending orders

Food Court and Canteen Prepaid Card POS Billing Software
Wireless Token Display System for Counter

Wireless Token Display System for Counter

Alert your customers when their order number is ready. No need of expensive LED boards, loud speakers or shouting out customer names when their token number is ready.

No need of repair and maintenance of LED display board.

Wireless Token Display with human voice alert.

Advertise with images and running tickers.

Cloud solution to improve efficiency and reliability .

Lower startup costs and fees.

Works on a PC, laptop or any mobile.

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Food Court and Canteen token display system
Remove Cash and Administrative Nightmares.

Want a Food Court or Canteen POS ? You're in the right place !

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