Universities and Schools Cashless Card

Adapted to the needs of the canteen and school catering

Speed up service times by introducing a cashless solution that increases spending at the school and still provides ease-of-use for students.

Schools Cashless Card

Eliminates the need for cash at school.

Can works with existing student cards.*

Fast operation and reduced queuing times.

On-screen photo ID security.

Parents can monitor purchases online.

Improved cash security and reduced bullying.

Improves speed of service.

Discourages students from purchasing outside.

Longer breaks due to cashless payment.

Closed loop modular cashless payment system that works on Windows and Android.

The campus becomes fully automated

The ATS Smart Card System is a robust and proven system for managing cashless payments. The school does not need to replace their existing student card*, provided each existing card has a RF ID. The service is designed to replace any process where students currently make purchases using cash. The card system is typically offered to Middle and Senior Students and would most commonly be used for Canteen, Stationery, Uniform and other Merchandise purchases.

Schools Cashless Card
Cashless School and Campus Card

Want a cashless school and campus card for payment ? You're in the right place !

Cashless Payment System for schools

Want a Cashless Payment Software ? You're in the right place !

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