Make more money. Secure your event with RFid cashless solutions

No Cash. No Queues. No worries. Just fun.

An easy and cashless way for guests to pay for merchandise, food or drinks at your events. With RFID technology cashless payments are fast, cutting down queues and boosting event revenue.

Cashless eveny system

Completely eliminate coupon fraud at your event.

Increase event revenue by cutting transaction time to 10 seconds.

Reconcile your event accurately and instantly post-event.

Collect event data to identify gaps and make your event even better. Easily Credit Special Attendees before the show.

Transparent Vendor Management to know exactly what each vendor sold.

Boost spending by 10-30% with RFID cashless payments. Because quicker payments mean more time to have fun!.

Reducing transport and counting of cash and/or tokens on site.

Stolen or lost cards can be cancelled whereby balances can be transferred.

Run 100% Offline. No online connectivity required.

Gain insight into attendee shopping habits.

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ATS cashless system works with all event types and is proven to make events smoother and more profitable.

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